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Kili 1: Day 5: The BREACH

Hello Bold Earth parents! This blog is a rap, written by our hilarious student, Bruno 🙂 Ally’s quick recap is that we hiked from Big Tree camp to Shira 1 camp at about 11,500 ft. The kids were absolutely incredible. They are the strongest and most positive group I’ve ever had! Genes, Satish, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Hello guardians,

We woke up and started partying

It was so cold Jadyn wanted a cardigan

Simba (Leo) was farty but it didn’t stop the party

And Al was glad breakfast was hardy (he loved the sausage)

Bruno the yogy lead the morning stretch and wishes there was a dog to play fetch (bonus points for Australian shepherd)

Ally will soon be the bestest mensch (she’s going to a wedding in Maine) (watch the last episode of the office)

Satish saw the long awaited view of the valley

And our guide, Genes made us all rally (8 mile)

Lili loved the music (the only thing keeping her going)

And Asher keeps on reminding me of Beavus (Leo is butthead)

Miles has a pink puffer (thank god he didn’t forget his buffer)

Cory told many stories, a lot about finding Dory.

It turns out Bella’s favorite word is hella

And Sydney is a real nice fella (sorry I don’t know many words that rhyme)

Kellen: “embrace the grime from time to time”

From the one and only lord of the day the notorious B.R.U


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