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Kili 1: Day 4: trek day 1!

Hello parents!

Today was an exciting day for the group. Ally woke us up around 9 am, thank you ally! 🙂 Then we ate breakfast, did some last minute packing, and got on the bus. During the bus ride Lili bought a hat and Asher traded bracelets with a local man. Then Sydney, Miles, Cori, Bella, Jadyn, and Alex played contact, and Johnson told us about his pet zebra; sadly he was just joking. After the bus ride we arrived at the Lemosho trailhead where we ate lunch. Before starting the hike Bruno led us in a yoga session and Leo and Kellan did backflips. We then hiked 4.43 miles where we saw beautiful vegetation. Then we arrived at the Big Tree camp and everyone gathered in the dinner tent to hangout and eat dinner.

– Bella

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