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Kili 1: Day 2: Orientation Day in the Rainforest

Everyone landed in Kilimanjaro airport around 9 pm and slowly gathered outside. Leo and Asher’s bags were unfortunately still in Amsterdam, but we climbed into the bus and drove on bumpy roads (African massage!) to our hotel for the first 3 nights. The next morning we slept in until around 10 am, ate breakfast, then talked about our gear and itinerary for the hike. During breaks we played a game which ended in a mooing competition between Kellan and Jadyn. Kellan emerged victorious. After lunch we went on a walk through the banana and coffee farms near our hotel and played a red-light-green-light style game in a field where we tried to sneak a water bottle away from Lily and Bella. Miles and Bruno picked beans from nearby coffee plants. We came across a local wildlife college where Kori, Ally, Bruno, Asher, Leo, Alex, and Jadyn played pickup basketball with 3 local Tanzanians. Back at the hotel Lily, Jadyn, and Sydney learned some Swahili words from our local guides while they built a fire.

Signing off,

Kellan (our first leader of the day!)

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