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Kili 1: Day 18: “Blog” from Pangani Beach

Hello beloved parents and guardians,

We awoke at a leisurely 8:30 this morning. Asher, Kellan, Bruno, and Leo emerged from their castle and ran straight into the ocean with Satish (as is now tradition), forgetting there were spiky rocks in the water. Everyone enjoyed a breakfast consisting of mostly fresh fruit, before embarking on a walking cultural tour right near our eco lodge. We walked along the beach where our local guide (Hamidu) showed us the wooden nets used to catch fish in the area, but unfortunately Lili was unable to come due to attenuating circumstances (she was not feeling well). The rest of the group came upon a sizable fishing boat which had been damaged by a rock and helped to pull it away from the tide to be repaired. After many heaves and wheezes we and the group of Tanzanian fishermen managed to pull the boat about 3 feet up the shore, and Sydney was able to pull it another 3 by herself. Next stop was a sea turtle hatchery where we saw nests totaling hundreds of eggs set to hatch in the coming weeks (Bella is still there waiting for the baby turtles). Though the most notable part was the group’s fascination with 2 millipedes which were either viciously fighting or having a romantic moment, and Ally’s disgust with our speculation on their affairs. After walking through a muddy mangrove grove and a local village we were surprised to exit into the back yard of the early morning water boys’ house and everyone had closure.

Alex immediately sprinted to the restaurant of our lodge to start his 347th game of pool of the last 2 days while some of the boys and Bella enjoyed sweet treats which may have been intended for the whole group. We ate a hearty lunch then hopped into 2 boats to do a mangrove tour in a river. Leo, Kellan and Cori made rhymes about shirts and yurts for 15 minutes straight, then tried to name all the countries in alphabetical order with Ally, Alex, Sydney, Miles, and Cori, the rest of their boat group. We got to the river and our guides switched between boats teaching us about the mangroves, before we stopped to swim in the salty, shallow, seaweed ridden river to swim.

On the boat ride back Bella and Lili felt seasick but were taken care of by Jadyn and everyone made it home in one piece. Fortunately everyone was happy to be served fresh fish, veggies, juice, and octopus which had been caught that morning at the boys’ house accompanied by good conversation. Though we all dread the 10 hour bus ride tomorrow morning which signifies the last full day of the trip, everyone looks forward to our last dinner together tomorrow and spirits remain high.

Yours truly, Emperor of the day,



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