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Kili 1: Day 17: To the beach!

Kili 1: Day 17: To the beach!

Hello parents!

Today we woke up at the ripe hour of 7AM to leave for an exciting 8AM bus ride. The eleven hour ride began with a snack stop, in which Ally and Satish brought forth mountains and mountains of vanilla wafers, ground nuts, and banana chips. A few hours into the ride we pulled over and we realized an hour was a lot longer then we previously thought.

As lunch approached, everyone threw the food they did not want at Leo, leaving him with a bags and bags of potatoes for the rest of the ride. Bruno led us all in a long stream of “would you rathers”, Lilli and Cori enjoyed a competitive game of Speed with a lunch box table, and Kellan contorted himself into more sleeping positions then one would think possible.

We eventually reached the small river we had to cross to reach our final destination, and our sanity unraveled further. But at last! We came to our beach front eco lodge, and our journey all became  worth it. Alex, Leo and Asher were defeated by some locals in a game of pool, and Miles (7’2) found a new favorite spot on the starry beach. While waiting for dinner, Bella, Sydney, and Jayden took a walk down the beach to see the glorious array of beautiful crabs and shells. All in all, the horrifying car ride turned into a beautiful surprise. Till next time!

Cori Stew

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