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Kili 1: Day 16: More water than air

Kili 1: Day 17: More water than air

After an eleven hour very incredible car ride, our bodies were grateful for a late wake up of 8am. Bruno, Kellen, Leo, and Asha (his name according to Satish) went for a wake up swim in the warm salty Indian Ocean. While we were swimming Jadyn and the girls were enjoying a very lucky twenty minutes of extra shut eye. Alex and Miles joined the rest of the boys for a morning cup of coffee on the beach (courtesy of Satish). We learned that Miles had grown an extra foot and stood at a staggering 8 feet tall and had a peaceful morning on the beach after his fortunate 5:30 wake up.

We then treated ourselves to a pre breakfast pool game and had a wonderful breakfast full of delicious gluten (Lili was accommodated for). Right after we hopped on two very unrusted boats and had a beautiful ride to our almost private island. At the island we learned that it is only visible during low tide and that it would be completely covered by 2 pm. We then snorkeled in the most beautiful reef I’ve ever seen, and saw many different types of fish including the zebra fish from finding Nemo, a peacock looking fish, the rainbow fish, and so many more. After Leo, Lili, Cori and Bruno went sea shell hunting and found a new species of sand dollar, Sydney caught some rays. Meanwhile Kelly and Bella had a very fun time snorkeling with Satish, Ally, Genes, and all the guides.

Once they were done we had some more beach time before the tide forced us to run away all the way back to our hotel. When we arrived Leo, Bruno, Kellen, and Asher were treated to delicious cookies for the group. We then ate a very yummy second lunch and played games and went for walks on the beach until our next tea time where Ally read us all a very impactful passage from her book Braiding Sweetgrass. We are all looking forward to our pre ordered meals and a wonderful meeting hosted by yours truly.

See you later alligator- B-MAN

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