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Kili 1: Day 16: Boom Boom Boom, wayo!

Hello parents!

As the majority of us were tired last night, we had the opportunity to sleep in until around 9, which everyone was grateful for and took. As everyone was rising, Satish was in the kitchen hard boiling some of the best eggs that have surfaced in the Sacred Heart kitchen. After breakfast Leo, Bruno, Bella, Kellen, had some fabulous game time of monopoly deal, a monopoly card game(one of the craziest things I’ve seen on this trip). Alex, Ally, Jayden, and Asher played Egyptian rat slap. As soon as Satish came back from town with all the essentials we went to a local field to play some pick up football (soccer for all the Americans). We somehow ended up with segregated teams of boys vs. girls. With Miles the incredible on the boys teams they took a triumphant victory of the girly girls. Then we had a yummy lunch that Bruno had trouble eating because he had just done some exercise (he can never eat after cardio).

Après (for my French speakers) we headed to a nearby orphanage. Right when we arrived at the orphanage the bus was swarmed with young children and one attached herself to Lily for the couple hours. We split up into two groups, one to paint a house, one to hangout and play with the children.  Some time passed then the groups switched. Sydney wanted to paint but when she tried to leave the children they started to cry. The boys started their play time by building paper airplanes (Kellen was particularly skilled at it) and teaching the kids various words in English and necessary skills like crane making and hacking sacking. Once Bruno saw children doing flips into the sand pit he had to join. And once he told them Leo could flip they all ran inside and forced him to do backflips over and over. As soon as the flips got boring Bruno and Miles discovered how to do human mary-go-rounds. Miles was particularly skilled at it because of his 12 foot wingspan. Just three hours later the house was finished and Jadyn appeared covered in paint (she’s still covered to this day).

We finally managed to leave fitting us into the vans that brought us there. We almost left with a child because of their attachment to Sydney. On the way back we listened to Miles favorite song Boom Boom Boom (he hates it) not once but twice.  As soon as we arrived Asher made sure to use up all the hot water (we forgive you). We wrapped up the day with a delicious spaghetti (one of the few recipes our main chef Johnathan served us). And had a very chill meeting led by the one and only Duke of the day Asher.


-Written by Bruno and title credits to Asher (he also wrote the first two sentences)

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