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Kili 1: Day 15: A Long Day on the Road

Dear parents,

Our day began with a 4:30am wake up and a noise complaint from an angry French lady. After Ally calmly handled the cranky sleepy lady, the rest of us piled like zombies into our safari vans. Our drivers and safari guides, Frank the Tank and Moses, safely drove us through the 6am fog up to the gate of the crater. We popped the roofs off our land cruisers and excitedly stood up as a sleepy lion (not to be confused with the sleepy French lady) greeted us when we entered the crater and our very own Simba (Leo) took a selfie with the lion. As we continued through what Bella described as feeling like a scene in the Madagascar movie, Asher was 1 for 10 in getting the birds attention by making noises at them. Jadyn particular liked the zebras because they “are actually different” whereas the rest were “brown and look the same.” 6 hours later she’s still pondering how her family would react if she smuggled home a zebra… Bella, on the other hand, is likely still thinking about ways to fit “big jellybeans with eyeballs” (hippos) into her duffel to bring back to Arizona.

Now as you can imagine, we’ve gotten pretty used to spending hours climbing a mountain everyday (and all really miss it) so spending all day in the car was quite the change. But not to worry, our energetic crew of 14 still managed to have a lively day. Moses’s monkey van with Satish, Ally, Leo, Asher, Jadyn, Lili, and Bruno spent the 6 hour drive back to Moshi playing Yahtzee on the floor (Bruno got Yahtzee and won while Lili went for every unlikely roll and ultimately got last). The crew also belted Don’t Stop Believin, American Pie, and Rocketman only to be followed by an intense free-styling session filled with bars about moose and juice, green spleens, and (of course) bowel movements.

Meanwhile in the kitten van with Cori, Alex, Miles, Sydney, Kellan, Bella and Genes, on Alex’s first day back after a brief period of sickness, he brought the luck to the group to see a whopping total of 13 lions!!! He was the first to spot every one and brought the energy to his group. Miles, on the other hand, coming in at a height of 6’7, stood the whole time during the safari in order to save his knees before the 6+ hour drive back. He was, unfortunately, unable to prepare his ears for the 20 minute rendition of the “boom boom boom” song his fellow kittens recited throughout the ride. Kellan, however, had a different reaction to the performance. He actually got so into the song he banged his head on the ceiling of the car! But don’t worry, that didn’t stop him from continuing being a part of the party! The cheerful 20 minutes (that Frank the Tank thoroughly enjoyed) was followed by an intense (but not harmful) roast battle lead and won by Sydney. Once we all reunited back at home (our hotel in Moshi), Cori spent around an hour chasing around Genes’ five year old son, Prosperity, in which he “accidentally” set a 7am alarm on her watch which pleasantly woke her up the following morning! Overall we all had a lovely day in the car and after 17 hours trapped in a small space together we certainly all know each other a lot better 😅.

We’re all looking forward to spending the day together at a nearby orphanage today and are excited to see you all soon!!!


Your leader of the day – Lili 😎

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