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Kili 1: Day 14: Jumping for Joy

Hello parents,

At 5:45 A.M all of us were alert, ready to start the day. We anxiously made cat and monkey noises then piled into the open roof landcrusiers. Frank the tank was the leader of the mighty kitten army while Moses split the Miara lake for the monkeys to board the ark. Moses lead us valiantly up to the rim of the crater, when suddenly the kittens clutch stopped working. The kittens ended up abandoning ship and joining the monkeys for a ride back down the mountain. Frank The Tank who don’t stank stayed back and waited for the mechanic. The kittens and monkeys regrouped at “good wishes” hotel where we made a new plan for the day.

At 10am Eloise and James spawned at the pool and we got a brief introduction about mosquito river. Walking down the street Bella tried to coax every small loving thing over so she could smuggle it back home with her. After meandering through the backroads we arrived at a local banana plantation where Cori looked up and noticed a local delicacy: the red banana which only grows in the valley. With Alex and Ally still at the hotel (Alex has made a full recovery!), Leo furiously took notes on the life cycle of the banana (he is very eager to share with any who will listen). After finding out banana leaf tea can help prevent the onset of cancer, Miles gleefully went to pet a cow. A swift saunter lead us to a local Mozambique 🇲🇿 tribe who were wood carvers. Sydney listened anxiously and she watched the men narrowly miss choping their phalanges off. This time Lili jotted down some notes to relay back to Ally and Alex. After everyone purchased gifts for their families we made our way back to the compound to get our bellies stuffed. Bella, Miles, Kellan, Leo and Ally got into a heated game of monopoly deal while others spent the time catching up on lost sleep. As a batch we walked to a nearby rice field to learn about their life cycles and deep roots within the culture. We crossed the busy road with no traffic signals in order to find a true gem. Behind a banana leaf fence lay a maze-like gallery of local art. Bruno sat down for an art lesson and produced a ravishing elephant which he got to take home. Lili also purchased a painting of local dance. We emerged from the garden of oil paints to be greeted by none other than Frank the tank and Moses! Their car troubles had been resolved so we set sail for a local Maasai village.


At the village, they treated us with song and dance which we were soon apart of. The boys in the group were set to compete to see who could jump the highest. Asher, being the most fit, was courted by a local and we haven’t heard from him since (This is Ally editing Leo’s hilarious blog – Asher is happy, alive, and very much still with us). After receiving a tour of the village we were presented with art that the local women had made. Many learned about the schooling and marriage practices of the tribe before heading back to the hotel. In the car Jadyn and others discussed the visit and agreed it would be one to never forget.

Following our return, a rapid meeting transpired in which timelines of bowel movements took place. We enjoyed fried fish and then the delirious cast of campers exchanged stories until all were too exhausted to function. We then (almost) all went to bed for an early night preparing for the 4:30am wake up the next day.

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.


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