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Kili 1: Day 13: Safari Day 1

Today we woke up at 5:45 (some of us more readily than others). After a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and leftover apple crumble, we met our new friends Frank the Tank and Moses.

Splitting into two groups (Miles, Alex, Jadyn, Lili, Asher, Bruno, and Ally with Frank; Satish, Genes, Sydney, Bella, Leo, Kellan, and Cori with Moses), we got into our homes for the next two days: two Toyota safari vans. We drove from 6:30 to a little before noon and arrived at Tarangeti National Park. We ate a packed lunch of chicken, bananas, and mango juice at the entrance. Unfortunately, Alex had an upset stomach, so Satish stayed with him as the rest of us pushed the roofs off our vehicles.

The safari was incredible. We saw countless animals, some from fifty feet away, and some just barely out of arm’s reach. Some of the animals that we saw were: zebras, wildebeasts, giraffes, elephants, warthogs, buffalo, dikdiks, baboons, monkeys, and a wide assortment of birds. The scenery was breathtaking, and we had a blast taking turns standing up to see over the walls of our cars. Lili’s favorite was the tree of life, the Baobob tree. Asher made up a rap about monkeys. Leo loved the giraffes. After a few hours of driving around on bumpy gravel roads, we picked Alex and Satish back up and headed for our hotel closer to Ngorongoro.

Alex is feeling better tonight and expected to make a full recovery. We are looking forward to seeing more animals in the crater tomorrow!


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