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Kili 1: Day 12: Moshi town

After a long night of well needed rest, we all slept into the morning. Bruno got up extra early to meditate in the morning air. With some extra time to burn before our market day, Leo set up his hammock and finished his book. Once we were all ready, we hopped onto the bus and headed to the town of Moshi. We walked around the town and explored the train station built by the Germans. Jaydin and Bella tried to get close with some goats at the station but failed to win their affection. We then ate at an Indian and Italian restaurant for lunch. Asher and Kellan shared an authentic Italian pizza while Alex enjoyed some authentic grilled Tanzanian chicken. We then headed to a gift shop where Lily tried but failed to bargain for a painting of Kilimanjaro. Bruno on the other hand bargained for a wooden elephant and hopes to see a real one on the safari tomorrow. We then split into groups and headed into the market to buy ingredients for the cook-off. Alex, Lily, Asher, and Leo were team 1 and were in charge of appetizers. Bruno, Jayden, Bella, and Sydney we’re team 2 and we’re in charge of the main course. Kellan, Miles, Cori, and Ally were in group 3 and were in charge of dessert. Each group explored the local market with a guide from the trek. Once we gathered all our ingredients, we made our way back to our lodging arrangement to prepare our meals in the kitchen. We spent a few too many hours preparing all our meals, but they turned out amazing. Team 1 made guacamole, salad, mango salsa, and elote. Team 2 made a variety of dinner food including chicken, corn and beans, eggs, and local “tortillas”. Team 3 made apple crumble pie with ice cream and coconuts filled with tropical fruit. Even though all the food was delicious, the creative and well-put-together meal of team 3 came out on top. We all celebrated and said our goodbye as we prepared for an early morning.

-Alessandro M.


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