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Kili 1: Day 11: Descent

Today was a long day of walking downhill. We decided yesterday to condense the return hike to one day, giving ourselves an extra day in Moshi. Led courageously by our guide Johnson, we began our ~10 mile hike straight down Kili. The breathtaking clouds below entertained us for a while, but the group soon split into many separate conversations. While the girls talked about a variety of topics from school to relationships, Kellan and Asher led the boys in three hours of discussion in a much more intellectual topic – Squirrel Fight. After watching the scenery change from dusty rocks to shrubs, we entered the forest below Kili and ate our final mountainside meal – headlined by pumpkin soup. The final leg of our trek was through deep mud, a welcome change from the dust up higher. Cori and Sydney each had a turn falling in the mud, but both escaped relatively unharmed. Jadyn and Lili pushed through their pain (blistered feet and bruised knees, respectively) together. Bruno enjoyed sliding through the mud, whereas Alex managed to keep his shoes clean. Our tired legs (and frequent plant-admiring stops initiated by Leo and Bella) put us behind schedule, but after 7 hours on the trail, we arrived at the bottom gate. After bidding our porters an emotional farewell (our guides will stay with us a little longer), we hopped on our bus back to the hotel for some rest, phone calls, and desperately needed showers. See you tomorrow. -Miles



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