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Kili 1: Day 7: Acclimatization

The day started like any other, warm tea and “chocolate” milk. Bruno and Kellan rose with the porters in hopes of getting an early breakfast, only to find the stars above. After getting our medical checkups Ally lead us in a game of big booty, which was interrupted by Satish wanting to make a hasty getaway. Lili and Bella started singing gospel music to drown out the wind. Tuesday came and went and lava rock was big. Jayden took her first dump of the trip with Ally by her side and Cori celebrated with a song and a toast. Bella and Sydney applied to the University of New Brunswick as fellow Americans passed by. They are from Tahoe and sported American flags to show their independence. They left a whole hour before us so when we passed them with ease Leo, Miles, Sydney, Bruno, and Kellan barked at them. Asher took his Mott’s children’s gummies to bed, when Leo went to get him for tea he scanned his barcode and got a store discount. Asher DJ’ed on the hike. Kellan and Leo staged candid photos, while the local doves attacked each other. A new sport was born. Alex started bookkeeping the matches. Things were tense Jeremiah and Stephanie were going at it but Steph made it out unscathed. Alex walked away with 500k in shingles. Miles lost it all. Miles and Alex are now separated. Alex got the toenail clippers in the divorce. As the sun set over the clouds we all gazed in wonder wishing we could fly with the sky rats.

See you tomorrow,

With love Leo

Hi parents! Ally and Satish here. Just so you’re not confused, there are lots of inside jokes in these blogs. We know that you know you have teenagers so I try not to edit them too much 🙂 We are so impressed and amazed with your children. We are half way up Kili and so proud of their perseverance, toughness, and the way they are taking care of themselves and each other. Remember that parent phone calls will be July 10th in the evening our time (morning or afternoon your time).






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