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July 16th – hawaiian adventure

With sad hearts, today is our last day! We can’t help but reflect on all of the amazing things we’ve done the last 18 days. We have developed amazing friendships and have grown into stronger and better leaders and friends. We started out our morning with some delicious fruit and muffins. We packed up our stuff and headed out to our all day sailing and snorkeling adventure. We showed up to this beautiful turquoise beach where we saw a huge sail boat that was ready to pick us up. We met our captains Tai, Kai and Jason who picked us up on a motor boat to take us to our sail boat. We boarded the ship and took a nice long ride to our snorkel destination. Brody, parker, CJ, Andrew and Tyler learned how to sail the boat and CJ even took the wheel at times since he had sailing experience from South Carolina. Briana, Ruby and Lily all napped on the sail boat under the sun soaking up the strong UV rays. Aphra, Noa, livia and Eloise also enjoyed the strong sun while reading their books. Eloise was reading “catcher in the rye book” which is now her third book she’s read on the trip. We arrived to the snorkel destination and had a lesson on the coral reef and about the different types of fish that our here. We then all jumped into the 34foot deep ocean by doing front flips and canon balls into the water. We then all swam around the bay spotting different fishes and free diving close to the coral. We hopped back on the boat and listened to some tunes and one of the instructors Kai had us do some ocean trivia where we got candy as a reward. We got of the boat and headed to the pavilion where we got ready for our final dinner. We put on some nice clothes and headed to a Hawaiian grill where we all ordered burgers and traditional Hawaiian food. The sun started to set and we saw a rainbow shoot across the sky. We all treasured this final dinner and we’re grateful we didn’t have to do dishes tonight. We headed back to the campsite after dinner and had our last evening meeting. We reflected on these past few weeks, shared our hero’s and highlights of the trips, expressed gratitude and talked about our values and morals. We ended the night with a big group hug and are preparing ourself for airport day and going home. We are so sad to leave but can’t wait to see our families 🙂

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