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Ze Final Day

Good morning for the final time my friends. This morning we woke up at an easy 730 AM to some yogurt parfaits. We geared up for a day of final activities and headed out towards the downtown area of Reykjavik. Once we were down there Carly and Leah led a charge to finding us anywhere with a morning beverage and pastry, and before long we found the “Icelandic Starbucks” called “Te & Kaffi”! Madhav and Chloe scored some gifts at “The Viking Store” while Max loaded up on maybe way too much chocolate. Mel meandered into a shop and was tempted to buy a legendary (plastic) Nordic sword, but showed some self restraint and did not. After we were satiated with souvenir shopping Grace found us a nice grassy area near the giant church, where we rested our bodies after a long hard morning (lol). Jack reminisced on our hacky sack session done in nearly the same spot on day one of the trip, oh how time flies. On our way back to camp Burke, Ethan, and Maddie went on a side quest to try and find an Icelandic collectors item Ethan had been searching for, unfortunately to no avail. We all then packed up our tents (Frances set a record in fastest tent pack up of all time), got some Icelandic hot dogs from Mero’s favorite hot dog cart, and headed to our hostel in Keflavik. We dropped our bags in the hostel and went to our final dinner: pizza! Casey DJed for us on the way there and got us properly hyped, particularly with a Pirates of the Caribbean remix. We stuffed our faces with pizza and then headed for the famous Blue Lagoon! We’d been anticipating this all day!! We enjoyed the weirdly blue perfectly temperatured waters and Elsa even found a mailbox to send her postcards! After a wonderful experience of smoothies, face masks, and a final evening meeting, we headed back to hostel for our final moments together. This was a trip of a lifetime and we’re gonna miss eachother so much!! See you soon family!

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