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Whales and Hot Springs and Hacky Sack Baby

Today we woke up to the bright Icelandic sky and Grace was already in giggle mode. Then we went whale watching where Burke saw Puffins for the first time and Maddie became “one with the ocean” by getting covered in sea spray. After whale watching, we headed to the famous flea market where Leah finally got a replacement camera and charger! Phew! Ethan, Mel, Jack and Casey were daredevils as they tried the Icelandic delicacy of fermented shark. Based off their reviews it is certifiably terrible. As it started to rain, Mero was our savior and came and picked us up in our group van. We packed up our campsite, had lunch, and headed off to Hveragerdi. On the van ride Chloe drew a sick wasp and read, while Elsa got to catch up on some Z’s. After getting there and setting up tents, Max showed off his insane hacky sack skills. Madhav was able to get revenge on him in the end though! In the evening, Frances and Carly spent some time learning about global culture before we took advantage of the midnight sun and headed out on a “night” hike to some nearby hot springs! We shared an evening meeting nestled into a hot spring in the Icelandic highlands, incredible! Thanks for following, see ya tomorrow!

Burke, Madhav, and Elsa!


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