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Seeking for the Allfather

Good evening travelers from Porsmork! Glad to inform you that the crew has made it, 36 miles (55 km) through the Icelandic highlands to the town where Thor struck his hammer.

We started the morning with laughs as Burke and Jack made comedic banter in their southern accents and Mero quickly prepared our oatmeal breakfast.

Once on the trail, Elsa enjoyed the scenery with shock and awe. Again, Maddie was leading the pack with tons of energy even after three long days of hiking already accomplished. At lunch Casey was a trickster and got the group to play an innocent prank on Jack and Grace in a game of charades. Leah and Carly laughed through grins of PB and J and Nutella!

Once walking again, Ethan took some sick shots with his Go-Pro. Mel and others took a little detour while on the solo hike and saw more of Iceland’s forest. When we reached camp, Madhav was the first of us to touch the sacred ground at Porsmork! Chloe made a thoughtful toast as Leader of the Day and Max relaxed with snacks in the beautiful Iceland weather. Later on, Frances killed it in a game of “Spy.”

Now we wait for Mac n Cheese excitedly as we are all reflecting proudly on the trek we all just finished. We’re very proud of each other, and grateful for the group we got to do this trek with. See you back in civilization tomorrow!


Mel, Madhav and Frances

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