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Peace in Porsmork

Good morning fellow Bold Earthers! We started the morning strong with a good sleep in which Madhav extra appreciated after a long hike. Mero made a delicious breakfast of mashed potatoes and blueberry muffins. Later, half the group went on a little day hike to a viewpoint with Maddie and the rest stayed back with Casey. Jack, Madhav, and Maddie decided to race up a hill and Maddie won. The group took a couple of minutes to admire the view before descending back down the mountain to pack up the rest of the tents. While hanging out on the grass Ethan and Max tried to one up Leah and Frances with two person stunts. It was very silly. We then waited for the bus and Grace did a blind test of Jack and Mero’s camp chairs. It was riveting. We all got on the bus excited but slightly sad that we were leaving the view of the campsite. After about an hour and a half on the bus we took a quick stop to move buses and go to the bathroom. Mel and Chloe enjoyed some delicious soft serve ice cream. We got back on the bus and all had fun when Grace showed her artistic abilities in a group picture original piece. We got off the bus and quickly put up our tents because we very eager to shower and clean off! Burke and Casey played frisbee while Elsa and Carly enjoyed the amenities of civilization. We ate a dinner of sandwiches and are now starting to repack our clothes for airplane travel. Tomorrows our last day, what?!

From, The Girls

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