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7/7 Laugavegur Day 1; Up, Up, and Up

Oh hey there! We all enjoyed the late sleep in and quickly packed our tents and prepared our gear for day 1 of the Laugavegur Trail. Jack rounded up the group and had everyone pose in front of the big Laugavegur sign! We started the trail with Madhav and Maddie leading the way. Mero helped Mel prep for the hike and Elsa was kind enough to take a heavier food bag so Frances could have a lighter one! We stopped for a short break where Grace, Chloe, and Leah all enjoyed the Mio (hot chocolate concentrate) that Mero had brought. We continued on the hike and could always see Casey’s neon green rain cover, holdin up the back. We had to walk through some slushy snow where Carly intensely tried to find the path of least wetness. Max continued along the trail with confidence and led us into the campsite after 7.5 miles. Ethan and Burke took some cat naps and now Mero is cooking a delicious dinner. We are a sleepy bunch after a long day and ready for an early bed time in our high snowy camp. Excited for day two of trekking tomorrow!


Jack, Leah and Elsa

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