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Airport day tips -1 (6/29/23)

Howdy! Casey and I arrived in Keflavik super early this morning. We took a bus to Reykjavík and spent the day walking around and exploring!

When you land in Iceland, you will follow the signs that say Arrivals/Baggage Reclaim/Exit to Iceland with a picture of orange luggage. These signs will take you up and down a couple of sets of stairs and escalators, and to customs. At customs, you should have your passport ready to give to the agent to ask you a few questions and to stamp, and then you’ll take a left and keep following the signs to baggage claim. There are only two carousels at the baggage claim, and the signs above them will tell you which one your luggage will be on. Make sure you check the odd-sized luggage section in the middle if you can’t seem to find yours. After that, Casey and I will be waiting right down the hallway in the lobby!

Please remember to wear your purple Bold Earth shirt, and have an extra set of clothes, head lamp, and any medication in your carry-on bag.

We can’t wait to meet everybody!

Við sjáumst fljótlega! (See you soon!)

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