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Glacial Greatness

Salutations from Iceland!

We began our morning early again, and Jack promptly accidentally poured too many chocolate chips into his oatmeal. Grace and Frances were speed demons and first to load their gear into the trusty van. Next we meandered over to a beautiful waterfall, Skogafoss!

Jack, Ethan, Elsa and Mel decided to storm base of the falls and were pelted by spray. Thank goodness for rain gear! After taking in the tremendous flows, we traveled over to our main course, the glacier hike.

The group was riled up to drink some sweet glacier water “right from the tap,” especially Max and Carly. The landscape was miraculous and we were fortunate to have blessed warm sunny weather. After a fulfilling lunch of sandwiches and fresh icy cold water, our gaggle of ice axe teens loaded up the van once more. Casey and Maddie giggled as we played music and sang along during the ride. Chloe let us know that she does not like country music. However she was quickly cheered up when Madhav changed the pace and showed us some songs from India.

Finally, we ended the day at a black sand beach where Leah climbed some rocks, Burke broke some rocks, and the rest of us admired the shoreline’s basalt columns and perfectly shaped skipping stones. We headed to our new campsite at Skaftafell National Park and after a hearty cous cous and coffee cake dinner and dessert, went to bed. Tomorrow we can’t wait for some sea kayaking! Thanks for listening!

Grace, Chloe, and Burke

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