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From the clouds to the best view in Iceland

Greeting loved ones! It’s Madhav’s birthday and he led our hike as leader of the day. We got pancakes for breakfast after tactfully asking Mero for them for days; Mel dropped the Nutella though, oopsie! Then we started our 8 mile day as Burke and Max played hiking games to pass the time. We made sure to drink tons of water and Grace and Leah were stoked to add some flavored Mio for a midday pick me up. Ethan was positive as usual as he encouraged everyone with ridiculous inspirational mantras. Chloe stole Burke’s sick shades for a quick selfie. At lunch Casey blew up a birthday balloon for Madhav who carried it on his back for the rest of the hike. Maddie introduced a solo hike where everyone hiked at a distance from each other to just enjoy the views and their own thoughts. Jack and Carly decided to take advantage of the solo hike by practicing their singing voices. Elsa crushed the hike today, even when the weather was not optimal. Then, we ended the day with Frances ferociously fighting for the last slice of Madhav’s birthday cake (she won). After our makeshift birthday party for Madhav, we put our feet in the beautiful highland lake Alftavatn and then went to bed!

Chloe, Grace and Burke

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