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From Hostel to Highlands

Greetings from the start of the Laugavegur Trail! Today the group woke up to a very comfortable and luxurious morning in a hostel in Selfoss. Francis was leader of the day today, taking charge of our transport to the trailhead. At the bus stop, the group was extremely excited to see Mero after a night without him. He was busy storing our gear back in Reykjavik. In the bus, many people who hadn’t talked to each other as much yet got paired up and got a chance to know each other better. When we got to the campsite, Burke hastily helped set up our tents and as per usual was rocking his stylish sunglasses. After a scrumptious meal of vegetarian and normal hot dogs the group got ready for a hike up a nearby peak. Ethan graciously offered to carry some people’s rain gear and Madhav led us on the way up. On top of the mountain Mel spent some time meditating, while Grace, Leah, and Carly enjoyed the gorgeous views together. We stayed up there for awhile, basking in the majesty of the area. On our way down, Casey had his hiking movements narrated by his hype crew (us). Back at camp, Chloe drew a great portrait of Max while Elsa took a refreshing nap on the sunny, warm grass. She was woken up when Maddie proposed a game of “human knot.” We actually succeeded in untangling ourselves, but only after Jack went through some challenging body contortions. As of now we’re waiting for dinner and preparing ourselves for the first proper day of the Laugavegur hike. Tonight we’ll take a dip in some nearby hot springs and in the morning we’ll pack up and head out!

Mel, Frances, and Madhav!

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