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Don’t go chasing waterfalls!

This morning we woke up to some gentle rain and packed up our stuff in Skaftafell. After Ethan, Jack, and Mel finished packing, they volunteered to be cook crew for breakfast, bless! Eggs and croissants were in the menu! We cleaned up, hopped in the van and continued our morning ritual of listening to “Shower” by Becky G. Queued next was Max’s favorite song “I want it that way” and with that the day was bumpin. Grace was singing along enthusiastically as per usual. Casey and Maddie led us on a short windy hike to a canyon where Justin Bieber filmed his music video for the song “I’ll show you.” On the way, Burke narrated Jack’s life with his spot on David Attenborough impression. After the walk we got back in the van and continued to some souvenirs and waterfalls. Frances introduced to us a riddle that literally no one could solve, we’ll try again tomorrow. We popped into some stores to get some gear and souvenirs and Carly scored a nice pineapple smoothie! Next we stopped at Seljalandsfoss waterfall and walked behind it! Madhav snapped some National Geographic worthy shots. As we continued on, Elsa wrote postcards to her family and teachers back home. We said hi to some beautiful Icelandic horses and then made our way to the hostel! There we all did a final gear check with our packs and Leah enjoyed the rest of her smoothie amongst the chaos. We got comfy in our new rooms, had dinner and meeting, and got ready for bed. Tomorrow we head for the trailhead of the Laugavegur Trail!

PSA: just as a reminder, we will be out of reception til the 11th. Then we will upload all the blogs and pictures from the previous days! We’ll miss you!

Sincerely, Carly, Max and Ethan!

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