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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 1!

halló! (hello in Icelandic)

Ethan, Mel, and Chloe tuning in on a rainy night at our quaint and humble hostel campground in Reykjavík, where we will be settling in after an eventful day. Although tired, we are all anticipating the exciting trip ahead. Today started with the airport, where Casey, Maddie, and Madhav secured a group spot in front of the “tourist information” sign in the arrivals section. Students are already showing immediate signs of chemistry and are putting effort into making new friends. Jack delivered an icebreaker by making small talk and cracking jokes, getting the group over their first speed bump. After arriving at our first campsite via bus, the boys immediately started playing a game of “sac” (hacky sack) only to be paused for a tent set up tutorial. Groups were formed where students get to know their tent mates. Frances and Elsa get a lucky score when they find their tent was the example set up by Mero, our highly experienced guide! A quick lunch of sandwiches primed us for our walk through Reykjavík where we stopped at a church and Burke decided to pose for pictures with his super cool (drippy) sunglasses. The group grew hungry for dinner so that was our next step. Back at our campsite rules, customs, and crews are established for the trip. Culture crew (Grace, Max, and Leah), discuss facts from around the world with some hostel peers from Germany, while cook crew prepares a lovely meal for us. We plan to get a full night’s rest for the busy day we have tomorrow. There will be whale watching, the Golden Circle, and hot springs! Rumor has it our palette’s may be put to the test, as fermented shark may be on the menu (Carly will pass, she isn’t a fan of seafood!)

Thanks for joining us on our first blog, we’ll see ya tomorrow!

Mel, Ethan, and Chloe

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