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Across the Lava fields

Hey everyone!

Today was day three of our four day trek and we covered 9 miles! First we woke up to get going and Carly and Grace were determined to be the first out of their tents. We had delicious breakfast burritos while Madhav and Burke preferred oatmeal. Once we got started on our trek it became very hot (for Iceland lol). Locals said it was as hot as they’ve seen in twenty years!!

Max and Jack frantically delayered while Mel took a nice sunny nap on a grassy knoll. At our lunch spot, Ethan found a nice stoic spot near a waterfall to stack rocks on top of each other.

After a long hiking day, we all set up our tents at a new campsite. Elsa passed out quickly on her comfy air mattress and Leah braided Frances’ hair. Chloe enjoyed the peace of her book for a little while, and then crews got together.

After a filling meal of Mero’s delicious burrito bowls, the whole group headed to Markarfljot canyon. We had evening meeting as we overlooked an incredible canyon that was apparently created by one single volcanic eruption! We’re excited to go to bed and get up for our last day of hiking tomorrow. We’re coming for you Thorsmark!


Max, Ethan, and Carly

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