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A 4th to Remember

Howdy there partners!

We woke up feeling very patriotic today despite our current long distance relationship with America. After an earlier start and a breakfast of bagels, we quickly headed to our sea kayaking location at Jokulsarlon. The whole squad put on red, white and blue temporary tattoos, dry suits, and life jackets, and we ventured out into the icy lagoon (the largest glacial lagoon in the world)!

After a little time looking at the majestic views, Madhav decided to whip out the camera and capture them forever. Leah and Carly decided to race Jack and Burke in their kayaks as a seal observed from a nearby ice berg.

Afterwards we were allowed to grab some post kayak crepes! Mel did her best to communicate with the crepe maker but ended up with four. Fortunately the others had not ordered yet and so some bartering and negotiating took place and in the end it actually saved us some time!

Next we headed to the famous Diamond Beach. Everyone took their time to admire the ice chunks littering the black sand beach, Elsa fully climbed into an ice rock because the cold doesn’t bother her anyway.

After, we returned to camp for an afternoon of recuperating and packing for our upcoming trek. Ethan and Max chose to throw around the frisbee and Chloe drew a really great portrait of Grace. Later, Casey and Maddie helped us go through our gear for the Laugavegur trail! Once we finished that we meandered over to the visitor center to learn about Skaftafell and hangout at some tables. Lots of laughs were had. We returned and cook crew and Mero whipped us up some good ol American burgers and hot dogs for our Fourth of July feast. Happy Independence everybody!

Tomorrow we will be calling home for some mid trip phone calls. Look out for our rings! We plan to call around dinner time, Iceland time (between 5-8) or so. See ya!

Jack, Leah, and Elsa

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