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Headed to Hilo!

Today was a long and tiring day for the whole crew. It started with a early and hardy breakfast of eggo waffles to fuel the crew for this action packed day. After that we all pitched in and packed up camp very quickly. It was kind of difficult though because the campsite was very muddy from our previous days there and it never stopped raining. Once we packed up the tents and filled the Uhaul full of our stuff we ran into a problem- in the process of backing up the van and trailer we got the van stuck in a puddle of mud. We all pitched in to get it out and push it. After that we headed into town and got Elle a new bracelet because she probably pushed the van with more effort than anybody else and in the process broke it. Then it was time to head to the new campsite and as we were driving by Starbucks a lot of the girls wanted to stop and get drinks, however we didn’t have time. The car ride to the new campsite took 2 hours as we drove from Kona on the Westside of the Big Island to Hilo on the Eastside. The weather and geography there was completely different; there are a lot more waterfalls instead of beaches. We stopped at one cool spot called the Boiling Pots and Peepee Falls which are little pools fed by a waterfall that look like they’re boiling due to the lava underneath. I had a bit of trouble pronouncing some of the local Hawaiian names and some of the group found that funny. At that point we went to this cool Japanese garden in Hilo where there were a lot of cats. It was there that Lydia showed her inner cat whisperer and made friends with all the cats at the park. It was food day too so we went to go stock up on food for the next few days at the new camp. We went food shopping for the 3rd time but at a new store. This new store had a Starbucks and everyone who had been craving drinks finally got them. Elle got her pink drink from Starbucks that she had been craving all trip up to that point. Mela also was craving the pink drink and after she got it was in a very good mood and made the entire group laugh many times with her jokes. Some of the crew had lost items so we made a quick Target stop where we restocked on stuff like headlamps and swimsuits. After all that was done it was time to head to the new camp with much excitement because we were hoping it was less muddy than the last one. We made it to the camp and everybody’s hopes were realized as the new camp was really nice and had lots of coverage along with a barnyard full of animals. As soon as we got out of the van, Daniel went to work unloading the trailer and set up the kitchen in record time. Robert also helped everyone out at this time and helped set up almost everyone’s tent. However Rory and Hannah successfully set up a tent by themselves for the first time without any help. Juliet found a way into the barnyard and started petting the donkeys in there, who in return tried to bite her and keep her from getting out. Also during this time, cook crew was setting up dinner and a dance party began. Hannah broke out the dance moves first and immediately got the party going with all of the girls. Sam had the most impressive dance moves however when she busted out the worm and wowed the whole group. Cayla then tried to learn it from her with some success however it was no match to Sam’s skills. Dinner was finally ready, which was chicken nuggets and macaroni. We then had an evening meeting and chill session for about an hour or two and now it’s time to head off to bed! -Ian

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