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Hawaii adventure – 7/27

We woke up to day 7 with a nice hot breakfast. Eggs and sausage, what could be better? After breakfast we had a scream off. Mia obviously won that challenge. We took a long drive to Hāpuna beach, where the girls tanned!/!; played in the water, Bodhi did pushups, and the boys played hacky sack. We also had an arm wrestle competition and bohdi crushed all of us. After a nice UV 11 beach day we had camp Olympics. The teams were Bodhi, Parker, and Liana; they were the roaches. The other team was Sam, Mia, and Eva; they were the unmagical unicorns. The games we played were mochi on my face, and a relay race. Then we were joined by two new friends Jade and Josh who helped us balance on one foot. After the balancing contest we did a frog race, a bread face painting using condiments, a talent show, limbo, and a skit. The roaches won by 49 points. After a long competition we had to quickly get ready for snorkeling with the mantas. We got on the boat where Eva gave us all medicine for sea sickness. When we got to the manta spot we got prepped for the swim. Everyone got in and watched the scuba divers down below. Caia the 80 year old manta ray came by and was feeding over the scuba divers. One of the manta rays came close to us then swam away. The boat drive back was very relaxing as Parker, Sam, and Mia pointed out the constellations in the sky. Then we ended our day with our evening meeting.

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