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Hawaiian adventure – 8/6

It was the 17th day of our Hawaiian adventure! Where did all the time go? We woke up at Kellies, had breakfast and packed up camp. We cleaned up the tents and condensed all of our supplies to make packing up easier. We left Kellies to go to black sands beach. We saw a bunch of sea turtles and laid out on the beautiful black sand.

We left the beach and attempted to do our laundry but there was a long wait and ended up not doing it. We were all hungry, so we decided to get L&L bbq and shop at the local market. We got a bunch of sour candies and pop rocks. After eating we headed to Ho’Okena for our final night.

We got our final dinner outfits on and set out the do laundry in Kona. As we waited for our clothes to clean and dry, we all read and laughed together. After laundry, we put on our fresh clothes and headed to our final dinner. Bohdi got some fresh fish, Liana, Parker and Sam got poke bowls and Eva and Mia decided they didn’t want fish so they got dominos pizza and breadsticks instead.

We all enjoyed our last dinner and saw a beautiful sunset. We even saw a rainbow coming down through the clouds. we hopped in the van and headed to downtown Kona for some shaved ice. We all got different flavors with condensed milk, boba and gummy bears as our toppings. We enjoyed our shaved ice and went into a boutique next door to do some last minute shopping before going home!

We left Kona and headed back to our campsite to have our final meeting. We decided that we are going to sleep under the stars to really absorb all the beauty this island has to offer. We’re so happy to be out here and can’t believe this trip is ending. We love Hawaii!!

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