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Hawaiian adventure – 8/5

It was the 16th day of our Hawaiian adventure we woke up at Kellie’s house, of course an hour later than we were supposed to. We got ready and put on our hiking clothes and set off for our adventure. Today we went to Green Sands Beach, when we arrived to the beach and Bodhi bought a Dr Pepper from the snack stand down the road. We all drank some water and set off on the dusty but beautiful hiking trail. After hiking 3 miles we finally arrived. The sand was so green and the waves were strong. Eva, Liana, Mia, and Parker all laid on top of each other absorbing the UV rays and continued lightening their hair with sun bum. They all read the books they brought. Bodhi read a whole five pages of his summer reading book, “The Shining” that has to be done in a couple weeks. After an hour we all headed back to the car. Once we were at the van again, we all went to the snack shack and got pineapple lemonade and dr. pepper. We met the wonderful snack shack owner Hazel who blessed us and also gave us free drinks. We left green sands beach and headed to the most southern point of the United States. There was coral all along the shore and huge waves in the distance. We left the beach and headed to our surprise trip to a bakery and all got ice cream! We arrived to the most southern bakery in the US and got ice cream, cookies, and cheeseburgers. Sam and Eva got doughnuts and Liana, Mia, and Parker got delicious salads. We all sat in the sun enjoying our treat after a long hike. After ice cream, we came back to Kellie’s and went swimming in her pool. We played sharks and minnows, categories, and had a blast going down her big blue slide. After the pool, we all took amazing outdoor showers. We then headed back to the campsite, and made all the food we hadn’t eaten in the last 18 days. That included grilled cheese sandwiches, Pasta, chicken, potatoes, and Oreo s’mores. We cleaned up dinner and started watching the stars. It’s a beautiful night in Hawaii and we’re so sad this trip is almost over. One more day, see you soon Family! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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