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Hawaiian adventure -8/4

It was the fifteenth day of our Hawaiian adventure – we all slept in and had a slow morning at Maes house. We made a warm breakfast of hash browns and packed up camp. Before heading out, we fished one final time and caught 32 fish! Liana and Sam caught white Talapia. Mia, Liana and Sam counted all the fish and moved them to another pond. Mae is trying to start a koi fish pond so needs all the fish removed. After fishing, we watched the legendary knobs McGee play with a balloon. He got so into it that he ended up knocking over an entire tool bin. We said our final goodbyes and headed to our next spot. On the way, we stopped by the grocery store and all the kids decided to get Pizza Hut. We filled our bellies with pizza, bread sticks and brownies….oh my! Bohdi was one happy camper after chowing down 7 pizzas. Then we headed over to Kellies our next spot and the kids played some fun music on the way over. We arrived to kellies with a warm welcome and learned about the place we were staying at and the service that we would be doing. We are allowed to eat anything from the property so we grubbed on some fresh guavas and macadamia nuts. We then set up tents and started to do our service. Parker and Liana started off by stacking lava rocks to make a wall at the Hawaiian island resort, Eva, Mia, Sam and Bohdi started weeding kellies garden so the pineapples and asparagus could thrive. After service, it started pouring rain. Alex and Angela so generously offered to cook us an incredible dinner while it poured rain. We all got inside the cargo van and watched a movie. We love our trip leaders for always making the rainy days feel like sunshine! We ate dinner and got ready for evening meeting and bedtime. We love Hawaii #gratitude

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