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Hawaiian adventure -8/03

It was the 14th morning, and we were all so excited for the day! We got to sleep in and had our breakfast at a local popular bakery to get mochi donuts. We got taro, lilikoi and cheers flavored donuts. They were so good! After, we walked over to a really cute coffee shop. Bohdi, Sam and Liana got ice cream sandwiches and some hot chocolate. We all sat in the art room which even had a foosball table. We left the coffee shop and headed back to camp to prepare lunch and headed back to volcano national park.

We had an hour long drive and when we arrived we were pretty tired from our hike yesterday. When we got out of the van, it was super windy! We walked to go see a sea arch and then had our lunch in a pretty palm tree area. We played Yeehaw and Parker won by mooing the longest. Then we played screaming toes and Liana and Angela had a battle but Liana took the win! Lastly, we played where’s the water bottle. Mia, Alex, and Bohdi all took turns being the narrator…after many failed attempts we were finally able to get the water bottle across the finish line. Eva sat out for a little and enjoyed Cheese It’s as an entertainment snack. We then did the hour-long drive back to Mae’s and had a little chill time.

We ended up fishing and after a few hours, Alex finally caught a 1-inch fish. We’re enjoying it for dinner for the next few nights. After fishing, we went to play a competitive volleyball game. It was the horses with Sam, Liana, Parker, and Angela against the frogs Alex, Eva, Mia, and Bohdi. We made a bet that the loser had to do the dishes after dinner. None of us wanted to clean them so it was very competitive. After a very back-and-forth game, the horses came through with the win.

Now we are all cooking dinner while listening to music. We are having grilled cheese tomato soup and salad for dinner. We are all very excited for our dance party after dinner with Mae! Then we will wrap up the night with an evening meeting and hit the sack. We are all looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.


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