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Hawaii Adventure- July 23

At the beginning of the third day, some of us got up super early to see the sunrise, except for Bodhi, as despite his previous excitement to get up early, the jet lag made him difficult to wake. After the sunrise, we all went back to the camp, got ready, and then we ate some breakfast. After that, we all decided to play a game of exploding kittens and Parker won. Then, after that we went down to the beach and did some of our community service work by picking up garbage, raking leaves around the beach, and separating recycling. Bodhi, Sam and Liana picked up garbage while Parker, Eva and Mia raked leaves. After that, we went to the beach to relax, cool off, and enjoy some games. Bodhi, Sam, and Alex played an intense game of frisbee while Angela and the other girls floated around in the beautiful blue waters. At the end we all played hacky sack. We all agreed to play 1 time per day so that we’re pros by the end of trip. To wrap we all went to the grocery store where we all picked out our favorite snacks. Dinner is in the making now. It’s gonna be a delicious Asian stir fry. See you tomorrow!


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