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Hawaii adventure -7/31

It’s day 11 – we can’t believe it!

We start off the day with a 7:30 breakfast. But it was really 8 because everyone slept in. Then we got on the road to go to the magical caves. 3 Minutes into the drive we realized we had to go back because we all forgot aour headlamps and rain jackets.

Once we got to the caves Angela tried to go to the bathroom but discovered that the bathroom was flooded over and there was water everywhere! Once we got in the caves we decided to go to the left cave first. We went through these wide and tall tunnels of lava that eventually lead us to a skylight. After that we went to the right cave and Bodhi made really good jokes that evereyone didn’t understand. We got to the halfway point in the caves and sat for two minutes in silence. It was so peaceful. Then we drove to the ZipLine adventure.

We got to ride on 9 different zip lines, and we flew over rivers, big trees, and grassy fields. We learned how to go upside down and do flips off the jumping board. We listened to music, laughed and even joked with our ZipLine instructors. All the girls at the end poured water on our ZipLine instructor Mikah. He laughed. We are still on good terms with them.

After that, we went to the goat farm. Parker, Liana, Sam and Mia had the most fun there. We all fed the goats and they hopped on us giving us kisses and even started eating some of our clothes. Once we got back home, Eva somehow convinced Angela and Alex to write the blog for her. We had some free time and went to the green house, played with the donkeys and went on the swings. Angela and Alex are cooking us Thai curry as a treat. You guys are the best trip leaders ever! Wow!! We’re going to enjoy dinner and then roll into evening meeting. Can’t wait for tomorrow….we have some special things in store!! 👩‍🎤🤷‍♀️💅



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