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Hawaii adventure -7/30

It was the tenth day of our Hawaiian adventure! The first thing we did was we go to rainbow falls – there was a beautiful rainbow arching over the waterfall when we arrived. We walked up the stairs to get a different angle and walked through some incredible trees. We ran into a man selling fruit on the side of the road and bohdi got so excited that he bought two coconuts. The man gave us some papaya, lychee and mango to enjoy as well. We left rainbow falls and drove to another waterfall where we were able to swim and enjoy the sun. While Sam and Alex swam in the water, the girls – Mia, Eva, Parker, Liana and Angela put Sun Bum in their hair so they can return to the main lane with some blonde tips. After the waterfalls, we headed to the local zoo! We all got some shaved ice and drinks before we walking around the zoo. We saw tigers, parrots, emus, cranes, frogs and an alligator! After walking around, we headed over to Coconut island where we enjoyed some sunshine, lunch and cool water to swim in. There was a ledge we were all able to jump off and had some splash competitions! We then headed back to the campsite and made some pasta and quickly ate so we had time to go to Mona Loa for sunset. We hopped in the van and headed to Mona loa and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset over the black lava. The moon was almost full and we could see the top of Mona Kea. We enjoyed the emptiness and peace that this land brings us. We played YeeHaw as the sun almost set and then got back into the car and headed back to camp. We had our evening meeting and went to bed to the sound of rain. We can’t wait for our adventure tomorrow!

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