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Hawaii adventure – 7/29

Hey bloggers!!

Back here with another blog, today was a very day. Logistics day (and day 9) ! The girls + Alex woke up at 7am for a workout. After that Sam heated up some water for our delicious coffee. After a yummy breaky we started to pack up camp. We carried all of the bins to the cargo van, it was a struggle at first but we did it. After everything was all packed up, we got into the van and headed to the laundromat. We put our laundry in the washer and we got our phones back, yay!! After catching up with everyone we went to the killer taco place where we all bought some lunch. After we ate we went back to take our clothes out of the dryer and we headed back to the car. It was a sad moment giving back our phones. After that we went into Costco and tried many samples. Bohdi was loving pushing around the shopping cart. We got everything we needed from Costco plus some ice cream!! Then we went to Safeway for the final touches for groceries. Mia, parker, Liana, and Eva got some Starbucks at the Safeway. It was delicious. After some grocery shopping we had a 1 1/2 hour car ride to the other side of the island, Angela was playing some great songs in the car . We had to stop at one point for a much needed bathroom break. Once we got to the camp sight we set up camp and our tents, then we started on dinner. We made chicken, salad, and potatoes! It was very good. Well that is it for today!

Thanks for reading. ✨💜💃🏽💃🏽smiley face smiley face.

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