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Hawaii adventure – 7/28

It’s day eight and all of us are sleeping way better! We started off our morning with muffins, fruit, and leftover hot breakfast from yesterday. We all decided to workout this morning so all of us got our sneakers on and went for a run and walk up our steep long driveway! Liana and Eva went back to camp with Alex to pack for the day while Parker, Angela, Mia, Bodhi, and Sam did a quick strength workout. For lunch we packed rice, curry, and sandwiches. Then our awesome group got in the car and went to our last day of surfing lessons! We got there and put lots of sunscreen on. Mia bravely put on a rash guard even though it’s still “hot girl summer” and no one wanted to. When we went to meet the surf instructors, Angela, Alex, Bodhi, Eva, Mia, and Parker asked for paddle boards and Liana and Sam got on surf boards to shred the gnar. While surfing, Liana and Sam went with the surf instructors Max and Eric. Sam and Liana saw spinner dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean. It was so beautiful! Since there was no gnar to shred, Sam and Liana went back to the others. We all attached our boards to Bodhi who was sleeping on his paddle board and hopped in the water to swim. After surfing we all headed to a farmers market to eat lunch and shop. Then we went to target to end our day. We lastly went to the thrift store to buy some pink clothes for the Barbie movie! Now we’re at camp cooking poke bowls for dinner while listening to music. Tomorrow morning we’ll pack up and move to our next camp we are all so excited to see our new home! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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