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Hawaii Adventure – 7/25

We can’t believe it’s day 4 already! We woke up and all ate breakfast and got ready to go sailing. We drove to the beach and got on a tiny boat that brought us to the sail boat. We all started the adventure by taking long naps on the boat! We arrived to our first stop on the boat and we all went snorkeling. We were near a golf course where the ocean was between two holes. Therefore, tons of golf balls fell to the bottom of the sea. Our captain set a challenge to see who could get the most golf balls out of the ocean, Mia collected 12 golf balls and won a fruit roll up. We saw a lot of cool fish and enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear water. After snorkeling, it was time to set sail. The wind was perfect!

Parker, Liana, Bodhi, and Sam helped do the sailing. They set up the lines and lifted the mask to set sail. Eva took control of the wheel and helped us steer the boat. We then parked at another location near a beach and everyone started jumping off the boat trying to do front flips. Liana conquered her fear of doing a front flip and successfully did it. We then all came back from sailing and said goodbye to our amazing captains.

We then got in the car to go to Costco to do our first grocery shop. on the way we meal planned for the next few days and all got to plan our dinner. At Costco we picked up our ingredients and got some more snacks. We got lots of pringles, Cheetos and seaweed. We love snacks.

We drove back to the campsite and watched Alex back down the driveway again. We all stood up and clapped for him as he arrived with his head out the window. Now Angela and Alex are making udon noodles for all of us while we make bracelets. We are going to wrap up the evening with an evening meeting. Can’t wait to snorkel some more tomorrow!!

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