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Hawaii Adventure 2 – August 2nd

We started day 13 with a late wake up. Parker woke up at 7:30 while everyone else woke up at 8:30! We were pretty tired after doing our full moon circles. We packed up camp and headed to our next beautiful campsite – maes house! We ate lunch at the moon farm and met the amazing animals – Gwen stefani the glorious pig, Sam really enjoyed speaking to Gwen about his day. Bohdi found a lot of joy playing with Knobs McGee who was the most hyper silly dog and we also met Jacks the elder. He is a 17 year old dog! After saying hello to the animals we headed over to Volcano National Park! We parked our car and headed out on our long journey around a recently erupted volcano. We all started off the walk in silence as we were participating in a quiet contest. The boys won of course! We headed down the path and Eva, Liana, Mia and Parker made sure to spray sun bum all over their hair because of the UV 8 sun. We then walked down to the sulfur banks which stunk. After that everyone took a bathroom break. Alex and Angela took everyone on a beautiful side path which took us down to the crater. We all had wonderful conversations and so many moments of gratitude as we pushed ourselves up the mountain. We are so happy to hike and be in Hawaii! We hiked back to the van and saw many steam vents that didn’t stink. We set up our tents at Mae’s house and now we’re getting ready for dinner. Tonight we’re making dumplings!! Our favorite! Xoxo Sam

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