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Hawaii adventure 2 – 7/22

It’s our first full day in Hawaii and we’re so excited to start exploring this big island! We woke up at 7:30 and enjoyed our first breakfast together. We played a name game and learned how to clean dishes, wash hands and the way cook crew works. We then headed out to our first surfing day! We hit the water and a few of us caught some little waves. Our surf instructors pushed us into waves and Eva and Parker ended up catching a pretty nice wave! While some surfed, others played games like pirate/sailor and who can stay on their board the longest. We chilled on the water for awhile and Bohdi ended up falling asleep on his board. We’re all feeling a little jet lagged! After surfing, we ate some lunch which was pizza and sandwiches. We headed to another beach where we enjoyed some more sunshine and played hacky sack. After the beach, we headed to go to a Kona night market where we did a little shopping and eating! Before the market, we were invited to tour a PA school in Kona. We learned about what physician assistants do and we’re able to ask some questions regarding their program. We then went to the night market, got some ice coffees and enjoyed some live music. Liana and Mia both bought cool stickers and Sam bought some Kim-chi and marinated garlic. We headed back to the campsite and put on some Latin cooking music and made some burritos and burrito bowls. We played some water bottle basketball and then had our first evening meeting where we talked about our hero’s and highlights as well as our hopes and fears for the trip! We dozed off and got ready to wake up for sunrise on the beach! First day was a blast!

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