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Hawaii adventure – 07/24

It was our third morning in Hawaii, we woke up at our camp site by the beach. We ate breakfast then we finally got bohdi to try tamarind. Then we started packing up camp. Our leaders taught us how to take down our tents and we all felt like professional tenters by the end. Once everything was packed up in the van, we left to go surfing. We all stood up surfing and enjoyed our time catching waves and taking naps on the water. After we shredded the gnar we were all very hungry. We went to McDonald’s and got a very delicious lunch. What a treat! Next we went and explored the nearby town, Kona! We looked in lots of shops and bought some souvenirs. We all got matching bracelets and split an açaí bowl. After that, we drove to our next campsite and we all watched Alex back down the driveway. We were so impressed. it was very muddy but at least there weren’t any bugs this time. We unloaded the van and set up tents. At the campsite there are 6 ducks. Liana and Sam came up with names for all of them – their names are special, guava, banana, cactus, turkey and dirty poe!! Now Alex and Angela are helping Parker, Eva and Sam cook Italian food for dinner, while Mia and Liana make friendship bracelets. We’ll all enjoy a wonderful dinner and then have our evening meeting! We can’t wait for another amazing day – tomorrow we’re going sailing

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