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Hawaii Adventure 2- Pre Trip Blog

Hey everyone! We are busy preparing in Kona and are excited to welcome an amazing group of students to Hawaii tomorrow! We just wrapped up trip 1 on this beautiful island and are so excited to bring the same community of love and growth to our next trip. The itinerary is to put it simply, incredible. We’re going to be experiencing almost every region of the magical island, participating in surfing lessons, snorkeling with Manta Rays, hiking around Volcanoes National Park, giving back to some wonderful service projects, and lots more. We’re counting down till everybody is here for our Hawaiian adventure! You’ll find photos here of us both at staff training, past trips. and some personal adventures around the world!

A little bit of final airport information and reminders:

Please include any medication, a change of clothes, and water bottle in your student’s daypack. Airlines sometimes lose bags and we want to make sure they have the essentials, just in case! We will have lots of snacks when they arrive, so don’t worry about packing too much to eat 🙂

We will stand out in our Bold Earth shirts, excited to welcome them. Please have your student wear their Bold Earth shirt on airport day!

We can’t wait to see everybody!

⁃ Alex and Angela

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