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July 9th – Hawaii adventure

Today we had to get up extra early because we were snorkeling! Everyone had a quick breakfast before we all got into our swimsuits. Eloise wore a black swim suit with sleeves that saved her from a bad burn and gave her the nickname cat woman. Then we all piled in the van to meet our instructors – Ryan and Toby at Jack’s diving locker. Brody got to be the lucky test subject and got fitted for his mask and flippers first. Then we got to do a swim test in the pool, Ruby bravely went first and everyone successfully followed…except Noa, who failed several times (she wrote this). Finally, it was time to snorkel and our instructors gave us a quick rundown of the creatures that we would find and interact with. We learned about the parrot fish which is rainbow-colored, a foot-long fish that has a beak, and had a close-up look at Andrew. We snorkeled around in the ocean for about an hour and a half! Livia and CJ said that they saw a puffer fish and an octopus! Sadly we had to get out of the water but on the way back to the locker, we passed an ABC store and Lily got some really tasty 3D pineapple gummies. Once we got back to the lockers we got to shower off. The showers were cold but it was nice to be able to get all of the salty water off. Briana had her own shampoo and conditioner with her so she looked far more glamorous than the rest of us. Then we all piled in the van and made our way to Safeway. Parker and Tyler got some drinks and chips that they shared later. We also got some last-minute stuff for dinner which was a delicious chicken fried rice. One of the main chefs Aphra said “the music was very entertaining and CJs singing the whole time was very good”. After dinner, we did our evening meeting lead by Eloise and went to bed in the down pouring rain!

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