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July 17th – Hawaiian adventure

The last day has arrived and we’re so sad to see everyone go. Our last student has just boarded their plane and Alex and I are headed to go get some much needed sleep! We started out the morning with our final breakfast and writing airport letters to one another. We drove down to take some final showers and do a final shop at the ABC store. We took the first group of kids to the airport and said our sad goodbyes. We then took the later kiddos to go clean the van and get some much needed lunch. We went to the beach one last time and enjoyed a final sunset as Alex went to go pickup Costco pizza. We enjoyed some pizza as the sunset and said our final goodbyes to everyone. This trip has been the trip of a lifetime and we’re so grateful to have met each and everyone of you. You all brought such a sweet, authentic and brave energy to the group and we hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer. Keep in touch and please come back next year!!! 💜🌞

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