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July 15 – Hawaiian adventure

Today we woke up from our last night of staying on Hookena beach. After completing our usual routine of packing up camp and eating breakfast, we made our way along Kona to our surfing destination. However, to our dismay, there was not a single wave in sight. Luckily, the instructors came prepared and set up paddle boards for us instead. We split up into our usual groups and spent the next two hours exploring the cove, napping on our boards and capsizing one another. (Sorry livia and Alex). After asking Brody what he thought of the experience, he responded with “oh it was really fun flipping people off…their boards.” While one group paddled boarded, the other group went to the magic shack. Andrew had some super tasty chicken tenders and fries which was recommended by one of the surf instructors, tay. While the French fries were delicious in the moment, they gave a few of us a little stomachache after. However we think the van music must contain some sort of magical or hypnotic element because the second the tunes began playing, the queasiness in our stomachs had miraculously disappeared. Eloise, however, fell asleep the second she sat down. Eloise described her nap as being “honestly I have no idea the second my head hit the seat I was out cold.” The next thing that we did today was wash a couple of dirty clothes so we could have clean outfits for the short remainder of our trip. While waiting for the laundry to dry, we all went to the nearby taco shop to get some food and drinks. Once they finished drying, we made our way to a nearby goodwill to buy last day dinner outfits. Some of us, however, chose to completely ignore our trip leaders direction and bought the wackiest outfits. Afterwards, we made our way to our old old campsite, many of the campers have labeled it as “the muddy place.” Anyway, todays cook crew prepared some delicious tacos which everyone throughly enjoyed. After a lovely evening meeting, we all hit our beds and were ready for a good night sleep!

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