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July 13th – Hawaiian Adventure

We woke up late today and ate breakfast before we prepared for our 4 mile hike. We hiked 2 miles down before we reached a beach where we had lunch. Brody, Parker, CJ, and Tyler found some old glass bottles and razor buried, which we believe is from an old barber shop. The walk back up was very hot and tiring. We found some tamarind trees that we all enjoyed on our water break, where CJ picked us countless fruits off the trees. On the way home we stopped by Starbucks and enjoyed a cold drink. It really hit the spot after our hot, humid hike. Brody, Parker, Tyler, Andrew, and Livia got sandwiches next door which they all said were delicious. Lily, Ruby, and Briana had some good napping snoozes in the back of the van, on our ride to Costco, for our final grocery shop of the trip. Back at the campsite Aphra and Livia spent time on the beach while Noa, Brody, and Tyler cooked us amazing Greek bowls. Eloise read in the van following dinner, before the gnats arrived for the evening. We ended the day with our usual evening meeting and went to bed for some great rest.

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