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July 12th – Hawaiian adventure

We woke up from our first night at Hookena beach rested and prepared for another day of surfing. On the far ride to our surfing lesson, we enjoyed listening to our bold earth playlist which is a mix of everyone’s music. As one group surfed, the other group walked a mile to a shaved ice truck! When we got there, we discovered it was closed. This turned out to be for the better because we got to go to the magic shack instead. Aphra, Noa, Eloise, Andrew, Angela, Livia, and CJ enjoyed açaí bowls, wings and tater tots. During their surf lesson, Parker, Ruby, Lily, and Briana all stood up on their board. When it was the next groups turn for a surf lesson, CJ, described it as “very wavy” and Noa wiped out twice in row. Everyone really enjoyed it and had a ton of fun nonetheless. Meanwhile, Brody and Tyler described their walk as tiring but when we got there we were excited to try the drinks. When surfing finished, we all went to Walmart to pick up some personal gear and a new stove. We drove back to our campsite and there was a rowdy game of “Gatorade” which is a different brand of the basketball game horse. Angela ended beating our D1 basketball player Brody. After the game, we all enjoyed grilled cheese and Caesar salad and finished the night with evening meeting. We are so excited for the adventures to come in the last few days of our trip 🙂


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