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July 11th – Hawaiian adventure

Today was a surfing day! We got to wake up late because the surfing lessons were later in the day. CJ woke up at 6am to set up breakfast. We left at 9 and after a long car ride with lots of interesting music, we made it to surfing! We were separated into groups of 6 – group 1 had Eloise, Noa, Aphra, livia, CJ and Andrew. Everyone ended up standing up to on their boards and our amazing instructors Eric and Max helped glide us into the waves. The water was clear and the waves were barreling over us! Group 2 consisted of Brody, briana, Tyler, Lily, Parker and Ruby. They hung out on the beach while group 1 surfed but ended up not being able to get into the water due to a shark siting!! Instead of surfing, we all decided to head into town and go shopping and eat some great food. Alex and Angela bought us all Hawaiian shaved ice and we enjoyed it under the warm sun 🙂 after town, we went on another long drive to our next beautiful beach campsite. We ate fresh tamarind when we got there and explored the beautiful beach. We went swimming at sunset and then made some Asian noodles and salad for dinner. The galaxy was out and we slowly went to bed and closed our eyes as we fell asleep to the sound of the ocean!

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