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July 10th – Hawaiian adventure

It is widely agreed upon that the eleventh day of our Hawaiian adventure was not only our favorite, but incredibly eventful and fun. First, we woke up to a delicious platter of potatoes, which initially, were suppose to be accompanied by another delicious plate of eggs. However, it seems that breakfast is not our groups forte, since the eggs ended up on the floor instead of our mouths. After a slightly dismal breakfast, we headed to our first destination: Hāpuna beach. While there we enjoyed the breathtaking and clear waters, along with the soft, warm sand. Livia, who dozed off on the beach described the experience as “the best nap of my life”. While Brody, who spent his time swimming described the ocean as warm and salty. After spending a couple of hours on the beach, we went to a nearby field to complete a bold earth version of the Olympics. This consisted of an array of fun and creative competitions. Some of our favorites were the spaghetti can race and the talent show which Tyler won, of course, with his awesome singing act. However, the over all winners were CJ, Eloise, Livia and Lily! They won a trip to town for a shaved ice the next day….everyone ended up winning though and we all enjoyed some ice. Next came the long awaited manta ray dive. The drive there was filled with much anticipated excitement. Noa remembers herself as being “super stoked, but slightly nervous.” On the boat ride there, briana was the first to spot a family of bottle nose dolphins, swimming along next to the boat. They were incredibly friendly, often doing full flips in the air and playing hide and seek with one and other. When we finally arrived at our snorkel destination, we were all awed with breathtaking scenery. Some of us noted how the sunset beautifully reflected pinkish hues onto the waves. Once the sun had set, we all dove into the water to begin our swim. Finally the manta rays started to appear, drawn in by the plankton, who were attracted to the light from out floaty. We all watched completely mesmerized, as the majestic rays reaching up to 20 feet in length, swan up to the surface, to eat the swarms of plankton. Parker even described the experience as sick. After about an hour of watching the rays, we were all disappointed to leave them. Our sadness soon washed away with the warm shower that was on board the boat. We all arrived at the dock, exhausted from the earlier events and did a quick daily reflection. After a long nap in the van on the way back to our campsite, we eagerly hit our sleeping bags; ready for a good night sleep! Now, due to the fact that it is past the halfway point on our bold earth adventure, todays blog writers deemed it an appropriate time for an interview among the campers of their trip so far. Question: how would you describe the overall community on this trip? Livia said I would describe the community as wholesome, kind and inclusive. Question: what is your number one take away so far? Andrew said how much fun it is listening to music during the car rides. Question: what was your favorite dinner so far? Ruby said she loved the ramen dinner and probably had around 3 servings. Question: what was your favorite day? Aphra said her favorite day was when we went ziplining because of how crazy the views were! Can’t wait for what tomorrow brings 🙂


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